Chiropractic Therapy Treats Back Pain Before Medical Procedures

Although some people are still uncertain about chiropractic adjustments, even the American Medical Association (AMA) suggests that adjustments should be tried prior to surgery - the one option that should be a last resort.

Dr. Delson has seen many back pain patients in our Springfield office who have been in pain for years and who are worried that they might need an operation for their back issues. Dr. Delson has had great success in helping patients heal from and avoid risky back surgery, and the science backs up our experience.

Research Supports Chiropractic Adjustments Helps You Avoid Risky Surgery

For example, in one study carried out on almost 2,000 Washington State workers who suffered from a back injury while on the job, more than 40% who saw a surgeon first following their injury found themselves having back surgery within three years. That compares to just 1.5% of the patients who first sought treatment with chiropractic care, demonstrating that this natural approach is extremely effective at keeping you out of the operating room.

Dr. Delson Can Help Patients Find Relief From Back Pain Without Surgery

There are alternatives to risky medical procedures. Chiropractic Treatment is a proven effective and safe way to improve the function of your spine, which is the root cause of back pain. Dr. Delson has helped many patients in Springfield get relief. Give our office a call today at (413) 788-4464 for an appointment.


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